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"Steeped in country roots, with the clarity of bluegrass, the ache of the blues, the purity of old string bands, and the vigor of rock and roll. Earthbound has managed to grasp the soul of the roots and bring it into the rock and roll arena....(MORE)

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The Last Waltz Ensemble


ATLANTA GA-Webster dictionary's fourth definition of "ensemble" is a group of persons (as musicians) acting together to produce a particular effect or end. In no other group does that definition ring truer than Atlanta's Last Waltz Ensemble. The group is an amalgam of the best players....(MORE)


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ATHENS GA- Two years ago, the power quartet WiLX, was simply a frat house livingroom idea. Long time Atlanta music pals, Grant Mitchell and Hayden Smith (who have known each other since they were toddlers), both guitarists, along with....(MORE)



by: Crystal Arten

Roadhouse…No longer just a Patrick Swayze movie.

I was just a young girl the first time I heard my dad playing the Dead on his stereo and something about the sound and the feel of the music just roped me in right away.  It is seldom, this day in age, when you find a band whose sound is so true.  Recently, I was asked....(MORE)



by: Crystal Arten

Eric Stracener

By day, Eric Stracener is a family man, an attorney, and a down-to-earth
guy but by night, he is a gracious Mississippi rocker who has been lucky enough to find the ultimate balance....(MORE)


by: Crystal Arten

The Evolution of The Sundogs                                              

What do you get when you meld the soulful Southern Rock feel of
The Black Crowes with the downhome sound of The Georgia Satellites?
The Sundogs. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia....(MORE)


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