David Barfield
Clinton, Ridgeland/Madison Ms.

Guitar Teacher:  I am available to teach and mentor all students in several disciplines of music
                         including but not limited to Rock, Blues, Jazz, and Country.
                         I can teach either guitar (classical, acoustic and electric) and/or bass.

           Mentor:  As a professional musician I can assist with all kinds of questions concerning your musical goals.

Hours available for lessons:
Monday thru Friday
12:00 noon till 7:00pm

         Musician:  I am available as a Live or Session Guitarist, I can play all styles of Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz,
                         and Country.  I will work as a Lead or Rhythm guitarist and also bassist if needed.  I am available
                         to play any time needed. Will travel also.

Phone: 769-243-2519
Email: davidbarfield442@yahoo.com