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ATHENS GA- Two years ago, the power quartet WiLX, was simply a frat house livingroom idea. Long time Atlanta music pals, Grant Mitchell and Hayden Smith (who have known each other since they were toddlers), both guitarists, along with drummer Wilkes Evans were attending Ole Miss in Oxford MS. In the petri dish that is college life, the trio found more intrigung experiments in jamming with new musicians than they did between the pages of study tomes and the seed of WiLX began to bubble and brew.

"We recorded a a five track demo for fun," recalls Smith,"and that is when I started thinking seriously about this band. Our first few shows went great and I realized we had something that we could fine tune."

After a few predicatable personnel changes, as additional players outside the core group of WiLX graduated and moved to other states, the band as a collective began to shift their own perspective on place and opportunity. Mitchell,Smith and Evans moved to Athens Ga in 2007 and met bassist Taylor Arnall who fit perfectly with the founding members of WiLX.

"We'd been in Mississippi six years and we kind of wanted to get back to our roots. We were playing more shows east of Oxford and mostly in Georgia. It seemed we were doing more traveling to get back home to Oxford than to shows! We all loved Athens so here we are." Smith explains.

WiLX has a new record in progress and continues to write constantly. The band draws original material from disparate genres, citing everyone from Def Leppard to Thelonious Monk as influences. What WiLX comes up with is a rocking, funky mix of guitars and vocals soaring over a solid bottom end. By spring of 2008, the band intends to release it's highly anticipated full length studio cd.

"Our first record was a learning experience. We recorded a single "What a Mess" this spring and the tune really quantifies what the band has become. Our most enriching experience by far is playing live. My favorite thing in the world is to turn to my bandmates on stage and see everyone grinning from ear to ear and then turn to the crowd and see the same thing. It's really why we started playing music in the first place."

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