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"Steeped in country roots, with the clarity of bluegrass, the ache of the blues, the purity of old string bands, and the vigor of rock and roll. Earthbound has managed to grasp the soul of the roots and bring it into the rock and roll arena, without losing any element." Dave Terpeny Washington, DC


Cornering a musician to discuss his music is akin to herding kittens. While threads of a conversation with Earthbound's primary songwriter Scott Hudson range from his praise of tapers to favorite places to play, the words motivation and inspiration seem to dominate alot of his talk about the continuation of his band, Earthbound, and the new cd Cold Mountain set for an official release November 6 2007.

"It's the people, the fans, that give us the motivation to do what we do. Venues, festivals, theatres, are all defined by the people there. That makes the place. When we play we continue to see familiar faces.
It makes any event we play an inspirational experience." admits Hudson, speaking from his home in Birmingham.

The band is a true unit of cohesive energy. As's Jesse Jarnow noted,"Each of the five musicians in Earthbound is constantly contributing something interesting to the mix. Instead of playing mere support roles, they add almost microscopically to the total picture. And, hey, they've got heart."

The band's core is comprised of Scott Hudson and Clinton Mann who play guitar, write the tunes and sing. Rounding out Earthbound is vocalist and bassist Ed Meredith along with drummer Marcus London. Myron Scott, who has played with a plethora of bands and artists for years, is Earthbound's percussionist.

Earthbound hits the road for a three month tour to support Cold Mountain beginning November 2 at Martins in Jackson MS. Other favorite stops include venues in Georgia, Alabama, Louisianna and the band's home town of Birmingham. Cold Mountain is the band's second full length album. Jeff Coppage, who engineered Widespread Panic's first two records, produced and engineered Cold Mountain.

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